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EcoCharge was founded to provide eco-friendly charging solutions for portable wireless devices. Our founders were brought together with the belief that the earths' limited resources are dwindling fast and we need to start using products that reduce our carbon footprint. The products generated are not only technologically cutting edge, but are also a legacy that we hope to leave to our children in the future.

MISSION - To Promote Eco-Friendly products that help reduce the use and dependency on traditional energy sources(electric, natural gas, oil, etc).

VISION - By supplying solar powered devices to our customer base...we focus our humanitarian efforts to reduce green house emissions, therefore slowing down the edification of the earths' destruction.

STRATEGY - We hope to grow our product line to support your needs but we also dedicate ourselves to putting even more back into conservation efforts. For every registered user and product item purchased, we plan to donate to Go Green Wireless Corp, a non-for profit organization dedicated to reduction of cellular hardware waste and the production of Green charging solutions. We love designing these products and coming up with innovative solutions that help you and our cause. We realize that our success depends on your feedback and on what you tell your friends. So please - spread the word about our products and our goals and let us see if we can make a difference together.

Go Green...Go EcoCharge!!!


The EcoCharge Family

Thanks for shopping with us and always GO ECOCHARGE!!!